Wide Application Of Silicone Rubber In Life

- Nov 06, 2018-

Silicone rubber products made up of rubber products and silicone products are now more and more widely used in our lives. Like car tires, massage mats are made of auto-matched silicone rubber. Food-like such as crisper, cake box, etc. are made of silicone rubber products, which is more suitable than odorless, non-toxic and high temperature.

Among the many synthetic rubbers, silicone rubber products are among the best. It has the characteristics of odorless, non-toxic, not afraid of high temperature and resisting severe cold. It is self-confident and does not change color when it is three hundred degrees Celsius and minus ninety degrees Celsius. It still does not lose its original strength and elasticity. Silicone rubber also has good electrical insulation, oxygen and aging resistance, light and aging resistance, mildew resistance, chemical stability and the like. Due to these excellent properties, silicone rubber has played an important role in modern medicine. In recent years, hospitals, research institutes and factories have collaborated to produce a variety of silicone rubber medical products.

Silicone rubber has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric properties, ozone resistance and weathering resistance. The outstanding properties of silicone rubber are wide temperature and can be used at -60 ° C to +250 ° C for a long time. However, the mechanical properties of silicone rubber such as tensile strength and tear strength are poor. The physical and mechanical properties of silicone rubber are not as good as most synthetic rubbers at normal temperature. The general silicone rubber has poor oil and solvent resistance, so silicone rubber should not be used for ordinary purposes. Conditions, but very suitable for many specific situations.

Due to its excellent comprehensive performance and good technical and economic effects, silicone rubber products have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, atomic energy, electrical appliances, electronics, instrumentation, automotive, machinery, metallurgy, chemical, medical and health, and daily life. application.

Silicone rubber products are based on methyl vinyl silicone rubber. Adding reinforcing agents, heat-resistant agents, modifiers and other fillers through mixing, book pass, filtration, sulfurization, molding, extrusion, bonding, etc. Process made. Has the following characteristics:

1. Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and UV resistance. It will not crack when used outdoors for a long time. Silicone rubber is generally considered to be used outdoors for more than 20 years.

2, high temperature resistance, long-term use at 200 ° C, still elastic at -60 ° C.

3. Excellent high temperature compression and permanent deformation.

4, good processing performance, easy to form and other advantages, can be produced by extrusion hot air vulcanization molding, mold addition molding, extension molding and other methods.

5, electrical insulation properties, silicone rubber's dielectric properties are excellent, especially at high temperatures, the dielectric properties are much higher than the general organic rubber, dielectric strength in the range of 20-200 ° C is almost unaffected by temperature.

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