What Are Silicone Molds

- Jun 13, 2019-

    Silicone molds are created by pouring silicone into a prepared shape, mold box or mold die. The silicone forms the shape of the container or the item placed in the container. Silicone molds are very popular with hobbyists and artists who create candles, jewelry and figurines.

    To create silicone molds, you will need to purchase silicone. Suitable silicone can be found in arts and crafts stores, hardware stores and specialty stores on the Internet. If you are having the silicone delivered, check the shipping price first as it is a heavy material.

    There are two types of silicone suitable for making molds: platinum catalyzed and tin catalyzed. Platinum catalyzed silicone, also known as addition cure silicone, contains chemicals designed to slow down the curing process and allow sufficient time to manipulate the silicone mold. Tin catalyzed or condensation cure silicone is not very common as the material cannot be heated to keep it pliable, making it harder to work with.

    There are four types of silicone molds: block, block multiple piece, glove and cast glove. All these types of molds require a room temperature working space, protective gloves, plastic sheets, mixing containers, stirring sticks and a mold box. The different types of molds are used to create different products and the appropriate mold should be selected based on your desired result.

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