Use And Safety Of Silicone Kitchenware

- Oct 29, 2018-

Silicone rubber kitchen utensils are kitchen utensils made by molding or rubberizing in silicone products. In recent years, silicone kitchen utensils stand out in the kitchen utensils of many materials because of their unique touch and color diversity.

Silicone kitchenware is a general term for tools and utensils used in kitchen baking, cooking, mixing, making, conditioning, compounding, and modulating. It is a kind of new type of kitchenware transformed by hardware, plastic and other materials. It has unique environmental protection, stable chemical properties, high temperature resistance, softness, antifouling, dirt resistance and non-sticking. The performance stands out among the many materials of the kitchen utensils. In many countries in the West, silicone products have penetrated into every corner of people's lives. For example, silicone tableware, kitchen utensils, and daily necessities are popular among people in Europe and the United States. Some silicone household products are in short supply. .

There are two types of silicone kitchenware that we often find in life: one is pure silicone kitchenware, and the other is silicone rubber kitchenware. The so-called pure silicone kitchenware is that the whole product is made of silica gel material. The rubberized silicone rubber kitchen utensils are mainly packaged hardware and plastic silicone kitchenware.

Features of silicone kitchenware:

1. Soft and comfortable: Due to the softness of the silicone material, the silicone kitchen utensils are comfortable to the other tableware, and have softness and no deformation.

2, the color is diverse: Because the coloring of silicone kitchenware is colored by the silica gel masterbatch, and the color of the silica gel masterbatch is diverse, it also creates a colorful kitchen.

3, long life: the chemical properties of silica gel raw materials are very stable, the products made have a longer life than other materials.

4, easy to clean: Silicone rubber products produced by silicone rubber can be restored after washing with water, or can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

5, high temperature resistance: applicable temperature range -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be used in microwave ovens and ovens.

So what about the safety of silicone rubber kitchen utensils? In fact, silicone kitchenware can be seen in the above characteristics, it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. In the actual production process, the silicone kitchenware uses food grade FDA, LFGB as the standard special silica gel as raw material, and is cured with food grade silica gel masterbatch and silica gel. The agent is made as an auxiliary agent. Generally involved in the human body, such as silicone tableware, silicone nipples, silicone kitchen utensils, etc., environmental protection and safety aspects require strict control, and must pass the FDA and LFGB standards.

Silicone kitchenware

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