The Method Of Making The Cupcakes

- Dec 03, 2016-

(1) the egg, sugar and salt together into the stirring until the sugar in the container completely mixed evenly.

(2) after the break will high-gluten flour, baking powder and vanilla powder sifted together in (a). Mix well.

(3) well and will join the rest of the (2) the cake emulsion sent (fingers touch point, material quality viscous can lop).

(4) to add milk to (3), stir gently until the material evenly, add salad oil until well-combined.

(5) use pastry bag or spoon will be mixed pour material model, send into the oven to bake.

(6) to bake to the surface of the color, you can set the heat to 150 degrees, continue to bake until completely is done.

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