The Advantage Of Using Silicone Red Wine Glasses

- Jun 26, 2019-

    Let’s take a look at the pros of the newest alternative to traditional wine glasses.


Advantages of Silicone Glasses

    There are several reasons you may like silicone wine glasses:



    These drinking vessels are made with durable silicone and they are completely shatter-proof. You can carry your drink with you without fear of breaking the glass. These glasses will not break if you happen to drop them or throw them in the sink. They can be squeezed or smashed, and they will return to their original shape.



    The glasses are comfortable to hold onto and do not slip out of your hand. Although they are soft to the touch and malleable they are still firm enough to carry around your beverage without fear of spilling. The cups keep your beverage cold but don’t make your hand and fingers feel unpleasantly cold and your hands don’t raise the temperature of the beverage you drink.

    They will not sweat when filled with iced beverages as normal glasses or plastic cups would. That means fewer water stains on your furniture.


Safe and Eco-Friendly

    Silicone glasses are made with the food-grade, FDA approved silicone. Silicone is safe food contact material when used for a low-temperature application. There are still not enough researches to prove that silicone is food contact safe material for long-term use at high temperatures. You can use them for cold beverages or put them in the freezer without fear of transferring any chemicals. Just be sure to wash them properly before first use.

    Reusable silicone drinking vessels are a more environmentally responsible option than the disposable cups that create trash problems. By offering waste-free events these cups help reduce the amount of landfill waste.


Handy for Outdoor Events

    It’s never a good idea to serve drinks in ordinary glasses when there is the possibility of injury due to broken glass. Using silicone glasses is a nice solution for enjoying wine poolside or other outdoor areas where glass is not safe.

   They are handy when working in the yard or resting in a hammock. It is easy to bring them to a summer picnic or on a camping trip.



  Although these unbreakable glasses are intended for wine, they can be filled with all types of beverages. They easily hold water, beer, soda, juice, or your favorite cocktail. You can use them, as ice makers, kitchen prep bowls, or to put the kid’s snacks in them.

    The flexible silicone glasses are heat and cold tolerant and suitable for a temperature range from -46°F to 460°F (-40°C to 230°C).

    The sets with the “his” / “hers” labels make for a playful wedding or anniversary gift.


Easily Washable

    If you use them for red wine, they don’t stain. You can easily wash them with hot, soapy water or they can go through the dishwasher. They’ll withstand many rounds in the dishwasher and they will never fade, warp or chip.


Light Weight and Packable 

    Since the silicone glasses can be flattened they are convenient to place in your suitcase without taking up too much space. They can be carried in a backpack or bag without having to worry about scratches or dents. Whatever pressure is exerted on the surface of the silicone wine glass, they just pop right back into its original shape ready to be used once the pressure has been released.


Safe for Children

    Sometimes you are hesitant to take out the glassware especially where there are children or pets running around. If you are looking for something worry free for your kids to drink from you will be fond of the silicone drinking cups.

    The silicone glasses ensure easy handling by children because the glasses are soft and their little hands have a better grip on them.

    Children are excited to drink juice from them. When glasses come in different colors kids can know which cup belongs to him/her.

    These glasses are also a safer option for persons who have a serious issue with dropping things over the regular glass cups.



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