Silicone Sleeve Do Not Change Color, No Deformation, Easy To Clean

- Jun 05, 2017-

Silicone Sleeve With the rapid development of modern science and technology, especially mechanical and electronic science, materials science field of continuous breakthrough and progress, artificial limb production, assembly technology has also been constant innovation. Traditionally, there has been a focus on the development of prosthetic prostheses such as knee joints, prosthetic foot, elbow and prosthetic hand, and now more and more attention to the interface" between the stump and the receiving cavity - the research and development of the inner liner product. The use of silicone materials in prostheses to accept the cavity liner, to solve the disabled for several decades wearing artificial prostheses inconvenience, the modern prosthetic assembly technology also had an important impact, especially for diabetic amputees and elderly amputees to provide a comprehensive guarantee The However,Silicone Sleeve the use of silicone sets in the process, there have been many because of the reasons for wearing or accept the cavity caused by the silicone sleeve is easy to damage, in order to better extend the life of silicone sets, especially the use of silicone sets of common problems and solutions such as the following Prompt:

A: environmental protection materials: Silicone Sleeve with medical grade silicone raw materials, through ROHS, LFGB international testing. Non-toxic and tasteless, not allergic to the skin, burning white smoke, without any smell.

Second: good stability: silicone material with good chemical stability, Silicone Sleeve can be used for 2 years without color, no deformation, easy to clean.

Three: cleanliness: In order to ensure that the Silicone Sleeve surface cleanliness, machine or manual finish color, increase the manual wipe mold this process, although the increase in the process, increased costs, but to ensure that the product surface cleanliness.

Four: solid color: Silicone Sleeve surface color strong color, washing test does not fall off. At the same time, to overcome the problem of double glue dispensing, so do not pull out, pull can not afford to wash away.

Five: mold line neatly: We have a mature technology engineers and the latest Beijing CNC engraving CNC engraving machine, and a group

Professional demolition staff to ensure that the remote control silicone protective sleeve die line neatly, without any residual edge, the line thickness uniform.

Six: With the remote control silicone protective sleeve product price competition, we are equipped with 20 advanced automatic dispenser, each process to achieve excellence,Silicone Sleeve in ensuring the quality of Silicone Sleeve under the premise, we summed up the A set of expansion of production, reduce the cost of management methods to the lowest price, make the quality of first-line brand for customers to win orders at home and abroad.

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