Silicone Red Wine Glasses

- Jun 24, 2019-

    Regular wine glasses are visually appealing and they enable consumers to enjoy all aspects of good wine, but using glass can be inconvenient in some situations. Ordinary glasses are too fragile, especially those made of thinner glass. They are not perfect for outdoor events when you have to worry about breaking the delicate glass. Regular glasses are inconvenient to pack in your backpack for camping or when you want to enjoy other outdoor pursuits.

    Till recently drinking wine outdoors while breathing fresh air was possible only through the use of disposable plastic cups. In addition to being toxic, plastic cups are also bulky and breakable. The use of disposable cups also creates an increase in the trash that ends up in the landfill in enormous amounts where they add to the global waste crises. An active outdoor person wants to use reusable products and enjoy food and drink without damaging the environment.

    Innovative companies have come up with the new reusable drinking vessels made from a material that doesn’t break. These new, durable glasses are made of thick food grade silicone. They are designed for any type of outdoor gathering and casual daily use.

    Some people readily take full advantage of these new products while others believe that wine tastes better in a glass and that glass substitutes take you away from all of the nuanced flavors and better tasting experience of anything you happen to be drinking.

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