Silicone Promotion Gifts Thermal Stability, Cold Resistance

- Jul 06, 2017-

Silicone Promotion Gifts products began to use in more and more areas, it is because the Silicone Promotion Gifts non-toxic, tasteless, high temperature characteristics determine his use of the field. Different Silicone Promotion Gifts products production process is different.

The following is a description of the six products of Silicone Promotion Gifts products:

Molding, this production process is the most common. Mainly by the mold with the completion of the shape of the mold to determine the shape of Silicone Promotion Gifts products. Molded silica gel products are usually through the high temperature mold into the vulcanizing agent after adding solid silica gel raw materials through the vulcanization machine to exert pressure, high temperature sulfur into solid forming, molded silica gel hardness is usually 30 ° C-70 ° C this production The process is simple and suitable for all Silicone Promotion Gifts products.

This process is relatively high quality requirements, is the combination of liquid Silicone Promotion Gifts and plastic. Its products are characterized by good thermal stability, cold resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, combustion will not produce toxic substances. Therefore, it is an irreplaceable material in the production design of health supplies, automobiles, baby products, medical supplies, diving supplies, kitchen utensils and seals.

Extrusion molding, extrusion Silicone Promotion Gifts products are usually extruded through the extrusion of Silicone Promotion Gifts molding machine, the general shape of the extruded Silicone Promotion Gifts is long, tubular can be cut, extruded art out of the product shape is relatively simple, mostly shape. Silicone Promotion Gifts tube in the medical, mechanical equipment used in the field more widely. Can also be used for packaging materials from the role of caching.

Silicone Promotion Gifts rubber in the addition of white carbon black, Silicone Promotion Gifts oil and other kneading made of kneaded rubber and then pressed out of the sheet. The film produced by calendering, its longitudinal and transverse physical and mechanical properties are significantly different, this phenomenon is calendering effect. In particular, the longitudinal tensile strength of the film is greater than that of the transverse direction. The elongation of the film is greater than that of the longitudinal direction, and the longitudinal shrinkage of the film is larger than that of the transverse direction. The calendering effect is the macromolecule and needle in the compound, and the flake compound is oriented in the calendering direction during the calendering process. Calendering effect of the size, and the composition of the compound, rolling temperature, speed, speed ratio and so on. For larger products, such as Silicone Promotion Gifts film, Silicone Promotion Gifts plate.

Irrigation or infusion mode of operation: irrigation or infusion mold, is used for relatively smooth or simple products, no mold province save time, that is, you want to copy the product or model, with plastic sheet or glass plate Wai Up, the vacuum will be directly into the top of the product, until the Silicone Promotion Gifts drying molding, remove the product, the mold on the shape (Note: the general use of relatively high hardness of the silica gel mold, so stripping easier Will damage the Silicone Promotion Gifts mold inside the product.) Is a solid and liquid combination, the use of products such as mobile phone sets, luggage sets and so on.

Rapid vulcanization; strong adhesion; good liquidity, easy to defoaming. Excellent heat stability and cold resistance (using temperature -60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃) after forming a good permeability, heat resistance, and a certain tensile strength; anti-skid (Figure), the use of platinum complex, non-toxic, no smell; Excellent performance; no pollution; low hardness; glue bonded firmly. High tear strength; high transparency; good tensile properties. Wear, washable, high temperature; three-dimensional high, smooth fabric, soft, excellent texture, good flexibility, washable and dry cleaning. Applied to the cloth above, the role of anti-aging. Such as Silicone Promotion Gifts gloves, rain boots and so on.

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