Silicone Placemat Coaster

- Nov 24, 2018-

Silicone placemats belong to the category of silicone tableware. The grade of silica gel used is food grade silica gel. The silicone placemat is safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. With the development of the industry, traditional utensils, kitchen utensils, furniture, etc. have successively added many new varieties, and silicone products are one of the newly added popular products. With the increasing number of various silicone products in the early days, silicone tableware and silicone kitchenware have also begun to appear. At the earliest, all kinds of silicone tableware and kitchen utensils were first popular in Europe and America. At present, such products are still one of the exports of silicone products.

Silicone placemats are mainly used in the kitchen and can of course also be used in dining tables. Its main purpose is 2 points. First, the heat-resistant, silicone mattress has a temperature range of -40 ° C - 240 ° C, can put the dishes just prepared on the placemat, to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by overheating the plate. Second, non-slip, silicone placemats are generally rugged, have a good anti-slip effect, and can also be used to unscrew the caps and so on.

The silicone placemat is a kind of silicone pad, and there are also various silicone rubber pads and rubber pads. The silicone pad is extremely versatile, and has a silicone coaster for the water cup; a silicone coaster for heat preservation, a silicone bottle sleeve, etc., which has excellent hand feeling; and a silicone foot pad, etc., mainly serves as an auxiliary function, for example, a silicone foot pad can be designed. For different shapes, it can increase the height and massage effect. For example, some elements can be added in the silicone foot ring to promote blood circulation and sleep, and adjust the walking posture.

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