Silicone Mat Waterproof, Insulated, Perfect Protection

- Jun 27, 2017-

Society is to see the face of the age! The value of household goods determines the success of the entire home improvement. The table, in the home improvement of the weight is still quite high. In addition to a family daily meals do not have meals will be seen,Silicone Mat or have to withstand the eyes from relatives and friends to detect a landscape. Some people say that it is not easy, when the home improvement with a whole style of harmony and beautiful table is not on the line?

Of course! However, then the beautiful table, maintenance care is not good, not long will become good pollution, let alone Yan value!

After dinner, the table is always a mess: here a piece of water stains, where a little oil, scattered scattered food everywhere! The key is no matter what the material of the desktop, and food, water, oil dip on the side, it is particularly difficult to clean. It's a disaster to clean the oil on the winter! Even hard-working housewives wiped and rub, clean up over and over again, not long after, the table or oil,Silicone Mat that is, affect the appearance, touch also stick to take the ride. Glass, marble is still good, if it is bamboo desktop, these oil will also be infiltration, to clean up, probably only ask the carpentry with a plane to dig out several layers! The maintenance of the table is so easy to keep the clean housewives crazy.

Protect the table, housewife out of the trick!

Where there is oppression, where there is resistance! The smart housewives came up with a great way to deal with oil and protect the table. That is, add a tablecloth on the table, when the meal covered, exhausted meal removed. No longer have to worry about annoying stains damage the appearance of the table! However, housewives have also found that the tablecloth also has many shortcomings. Such as cloth of the tablecloth, there will be leakage phenomenon, the tablecloth itself is difficult to clean, wash the sun drying down a year is also a lot of work, not to mention the tablecloths are so big, clean is not easy; plastic wallpaper itself stained Good cleaning, not durable,Silicone Mat easy to break. Not high temperature, hot dishes will be hot. Material is not healthy, will produce harmful substances. Not to mention the plastic material is not environmentally friendly. How to do? Housewives are helpless?

Hard housewives, do not despair, the letter of the silicone production of silicone mats, the use of food-grade silicone material, healthy and safe. Direct contact with food, utensils, bread and other food directly on the clean placemat is no problem. The key is silicone paddle gas barrier, water, heat, perfect protection of the desktop, and silicone pad no sticky oil, easy to clean. Drop a little wash in the water can be cleaned, less oil, then, only a red rinse can rinse clean. Silicone stove size can be customized according to demand,Silicone Mat after meals and tableware can be a clean up, a piece of cleaning. There is a dishwasher at home and can also be washed in a dishwasher. Easy to dry, easy to accept, after drying can be folded or reel into the kitchen cabinet storage. Silicone mats durable, and do not breed bacteria, when used as long as the tool to avoid cutting, a mat with a decade or eight is also entirely possible.

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