Silicone Mat Flexibility, Insulation, Compression

- Aug 16, 2017-

Liquid Silicone Mats are physical liquid silicone, depending on the name also known as liquid Silicone Mat, liquid Silicone Mat, liquid Silicone Mat. The use of polymer polysiloxane low viscosity liquid Silicone Mat, without mixing and forming the complex use of the processing equipment, through the moisture or blending, the crosslinking agent can be vulcanized at room temperature or under slightly heated conditions. In its packaging form of liquid Silicone Mats can be divided into single-component liquid silicone and two-component liquid silicon, depending on the cross-linking mechanism can be divided into condensed liquid Silicone Mat, plus liquid silicone two. Condensed liquid Silicone Mat, liquid Silicone Mat at room temperature can be less vulcanized elastomer, so it is also known as room temperature vulcanized Silicone Mat (RTV glue).

Silicone Mat is made of silicone rubber material steamer mat, want to know if the Silicone Mat is toxic, as long as the Silicone Mat material is toxic, the toxin and the production process can be.

Silicone rubber required raw materials for the production of silicone rubber compounds and peroxide curing agent, two kinds of materials can generally be tested through the EU ROHS six (heavy metal), generally believed that silicone rubber as long as no use of recycled materials Chengdu no poison. Generally, the Silicone Mat is produced by rolling or extrusion molding. The addition process is not a toxic substance, that is, the production process is also non-toxic. Therefore, the entire Silicone Mat composite materials and technology, we can think that Silicone Mats are non-toxic.

Silicone Mat has a certain flexibility, insulation, compression, natural adhesive fine surface, low carbon environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, soft, non-slip, shock, specifically designed for the use of gap heat transfer design impermeable; fill the gap, To complete the heat dissipation part, and insulation, shock absorption, sealing effect; to meet the equipment miniaturization, ultra-thin design requirements, the process is very practical, wide range of applications, thickness, good filling material.

Silicone Mat for industrial machinery, cushioning, machine work fasteners, can play non-slip, impact, anti-static, high temperature performance, better protection of the machine, reduce losses. General silicone rubber elongation of 220 to 900%. And the choice of different hardening agent treatment methods can significantly change the elongation. Silicone rubber elongation and temperature have a great relationship.

Silicone Mat: has a certain flexibility, insulation, compressible, viscous surface Natural excellent design of the heat transfer, special gaps, fill the gaps, the advantages of production; heating part and complete the heat radiation part, also played an insulated, Damping, sealing effect; to meet the equipment miniaturization, ultra-thin design requirements, the process is very practical, wide range of applications, thickness, excellent filling materials, widely used in electrical and electronic equipment.

Anti-skid pad is divided into: car anti-skid pad, car anti-skid pad, mobile phone anti-skid pad, mainly concentrated in the car dashboard, you can put the phone, key, smoke and other small items, convenient and practical, can play anti-skid effect.

Due to the convenience of practical car, the majority of owners love the people in recent years in the national automotive supplies industry gifts, this industry is very popular, R & D and production speed, product type and function is becoming more and more rich, from the cartoon style appearance, Fruit shape, animal shape, Coca-Cola bottle of various looks and bright colors and style.

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