Silicone Mat Flexibility, Excellent Insulation, Compression

- Sep 27, 2017-

Silicone Mat is a thermal medium used to reduce the heat resistance between the surface of the heat source and the contact surface of the heat sink. In the industry, can also be called thermal silica film, thermal conductivity Silicone Mat, soft heat pad and so on.

As electronic devices continue to integrate more powerful capabilities into smaller components, an increase in temperature can lead to slowdown in device operation, failure of device work, space limitations, and many other performance issues. So temperature control has become one of the most important challenges in the design, that is, in the structure of the tight, the operating space is getting smaller and smaller circumstances, how to effectively take away the greater power generated by greater unit power.

Soft thermal conductive silicone film from the engineering point of view of how to make the irregular surface of the material match, the use of high-performance thermal conductivity material to eliminate the air gap, thereby enhancing the overall heat transfer capacity, the device at lower temperatures.

Silicone Mat Features:

Silicone film has a certain flexibility, excellent insulation, compression, the surface of the natural viscosity, specifically for the use of heat transfer design of the gap design, to fill the gap, to complete the heat and heat dissipation between parts of the heat transfer, but also from To the insulation, shock absorption, sealing and so on, to meet the equipment miniaturization and ultra-thin design requirements, is highly process and usability, and the thickness of a wide range of applications, is an excellent thermal filler material is widely Used in electrical and electronic products. Some thermal silica gel with glass fiber (or carbon fiber) to increase its mechanical strength.

Silicone Mat application:

In the power industry, such as transformers, capacitors, resistors, inductors and other products, as long as they are large, such as transformers, heaters, heaters, heaters, heaters, heaters, heaters, heaters, Power rate of the components, then the thermal silicone film will be the heat of these components dispersed to the shell up; in the LED industry, thermal film also has a wide range of thermal film, thermal silicone film is the role of the work of the aluminum plate to the heat of the LED light On the bottom of the shell; also can be applied to the PC above, PC motherboards such as the South Bridge, North Bridge, motherboard chips, graphics chips and other thermal film needs heat transfer; other industries such as automotive electronics, optoelectronics and so on.

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