Silicone Kitchenware Non-toxic And Tasteless, Stable Chemical Properties

- Jun 16, 2017-

Silicone Kitchenware utensils have excellent environmental performance, and is the most soft of all kitchen utensils which has a good drop performance, which is a lot of families can be for children or hands and feet is not easy to use the elderly to the place, so A lot of kitchen utensils have gradually began to innovate, and in a long time ago was eliminated some of the kitchen utensils, such as wood, ceramics to now gradually by some of the machinery and technology to make a variety of exquisite colors, Material of the kitchen utensils strange, of course, silicone products factory is no exception, this also made a lot of creative products!

With the competition of these years, close competition, a lot of material manufacturers are paying attention to product innovation, technology and other issues, for low-end products using technical improvements, innovation for the original product changes, and China's Silicone Kitchenwareware manufacturing Business for the kitchen appliances this piece of production is also a substantial increase in recent years, the trend of a lot of manufacturers of silicone products for kitchen supplies, daily necessities, jewelry and so on, so in technology, production and innovation Have a very mature experience, so now the Silicone Kitchenware utensils and can be up to thousands of years of ceramics, wood and other materials par.

Mention silicone, what would you think of? Common products in daily life are silicone keys, silicone nipples, in fact, there are a number of uses;

Recently, Japan has a drink brand to thank the drinker's support to the actress's silicone lips for the gift, the reputation of its saying: let you with the famous photo actress "a pro-aromatic"! Silicone fake lips set in the beverage bottle mouth, every drink, are like in the other "play kiss". May be because of its soft texture, always gives a secret or fragrant feeling.

In fact, it has a wider range of uses in the market, non-toxic and tasteless, soft and moist features change its mass image - most can be made into kitchen utensils or daily necessities, so that people close to the "virtuous "

Silicone, alias Silicone rubber, is a highly active adsorption material, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, chemical stability, high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, etc., used to make utensils, kitchen utensils is the most suitable But the. According to reports, silicone material looked slightly thin, in fact, it is quite robust, -60 ℃ to 260 ℃ environment it can easily cope. Because this material does not contain any metal elements, so it can not only in the fire on the water heating, can also be used in the microwave. Do not say do not know, it is a recycling of environmentally friendly materials.

For other ingredients of the tableware, it also has a special place: soft. So it is difficult to convince people, it can become a variety of appliances. Lékué from Spain takes advantage of its features and makes a variety of kitchen supplies. In the country, Lékué is still a strange brand, in fact, their products have appeared in a variety of international design awards podium. Go to the DIY West Point appliances store, it turned into a lovely mold.

Lovely cartoon image, beautiful color, very beautiful, high temperature, can effectively prevent heat, to prevent your hands, micro-injection process, do not fade, do not fall off, can be effective anti-skid, gift the best gift customers.

 What is silica gel? Speaking of silicone Many people may feel strange, it seems that rare in daily life exposure, and occasionally hear the more popular nowadays, such as silicone dolls, it is not the case, after understanding, you will find it all over our lives every A corner, you will be shocked by its wide range of applications today. The following list of common products in life:

1, Silicone Kitchenware utensils

As the silicone high and low temperature, can be used between -40-230 degrees, the material is relatively soft, good stability, resistance is not easy to deformation, non-stick pan, easy to clean and so on in daily life widely used for traditional kitchen utensils Said to be a new breakthrough, such as the baking pan mat, cake baking pan, elastic baking pan, baking pan mold, pressure cooker, rice cooker above the ring, lunch box inside the ring and so on.

2, food mold

Food grade mold silicone is made of high quality silicone, scientific formula, advanced processing technology, through the FDA food grade certification, is a kind of environmentally friendly silicone, non-toxic odorless, mainly for food complex, candy mold, Chocolate mold, cake mold, silicone ice lattice, silicone pacifier and other food mold manufacturing, is a plus silicone products.

3, toy manufacturing

Silicone rubber made of toys weather resistance, easy to dye, and can be disinfected at high temperatures, tensile strength is very good, not easy to deformation, non-toxic harmless, strong chemical inertia, harmless to the children's body, is the ideal toy production raw material.

4, the application of silicone protective cover

Because the silicone protective cover material is transparent, soft and flexible, easy to deformation, will be used as a shell will give people a kind of affinity, will not affect the operation of the machine, the other use of silicone shell headphones also have sound effects. Silicone protective case is commonly used in Mp3 / Mp4 player, iPod, PDA, mobile phone, PSP, digital camera, GPS and other popular personal consumer electronics products.

5, silica gel in the home appliance industry applications

Silicone in the home appliance industry has also been applied, such as microwave oven glass door seal, coffee pot water tank seal, water heater heat exchanger seal, refrigerator sterilization lamp bonding, washing machine control circuit board coating, display seal bonding, steam Iron steam chamber bottom seal, air conditioning control circuit board coating and so have to use.

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