Silicone Kitchenware High Temperature, Soft, Anti-fouling

- Jun 27, 2017-

Silicone kitchenware  is a silicone-based product using food grade silicone as raw material, through the molding or encapsulation with the production of products used in the kitchen baking, cooking, mixing, production, conditioning, ingredients, modulation tools And utensils in general, is through the hardware, plastic and other materials in the kitchen of the conversion of a new type of kitchen utensils, with its unique environmental protection, chemical stability, high temperature, soft, anti-fouling, Dip and other superior performance, in the many pieces of kitchen utensils stand out.

Silicone egg ring

Material: food grade silicone temperature -40 ℃ - 220 ℃.

Usage: directly placed in the non-stick bottom of the pan, paste, and then under the oil, and then omelette.

Four hole ice hockey mold

 This product is made of food grade silicone, safe, rest assured, practical, can be frozen ice hockey with excellent wine effect; can also be used for homemade lollipop, chocolate.

Super cute helloKITTY head ice mold ice lattice ice lattice creative mold

KITTYY the shape of the cat's head, you can do it yourself! Sunbathing, see the ice cubes, and so on. Let's have a cup of crystal clear and cool drink, and then be comfortable. In the juice. Coke. Coffee or alcohol which melt, feel the passage of time the wonderful it! Mold can also be used to make jelly pudding.

Garden version of cake mold

Safe and tasteless, with superior stability and thermal conductivity, temperature range -60 ℃ -220 ℃, while ductility super, easy to clean, easy to store.

Pink KITTY silicone mold

Heat-resistant, durable, food-grade silicone temperature -40 ℃ - 220 ℃, modeling novel, soft texture, easy stripping, easy to clean, re-use, safe and hygienic, can be used to make pudding, cake,Silicone Kitchenware  chocolate, mousse, jelly , Fruit pie and so on.

Insulation clip

More convenient and convenient from the microwave oven, steamer to take hot dishes, to take high-quality food-grade silicone made of thick material, bright color, flexibility and strong, easy to pull off deformation. The overall shape of ergonomic design, more comprehensive and effective protection of both hands, non-slip surface design at the same time without losing the fashion sense of simple.

Cup coasters

100% waterproof silicone coasters, the product is soft, not afraid to fall. Feels comfortable and soft. Wash with water or brush, you can wash, very convenient. Work solid: not easy to deformation, anti-aging. Has excellent resistance to high temperature and low temperature stability,Silicone Kitchenware  low temperature -40 degrees, high temperature 230 degrees.

Color Snack Seal Clamp Plastic Bag Belt Tie

Silicone material, non-toxic environmental protection, excellent ductility, gently pumping, tightly bundled, fresh long-term, interesting times, you can order the food bag, you can also fix the messy wire and so on.

Silicone tape folding bowl folding box

High-quality silicone material, high temperature, you can use boiling water disinfection;

Temperature range: 250 ℃ -50 ℃ "

Gently press one can suck the cup, to seal the effect of preservation; bright colors, soft and strong, easy to accept and use, easy food stripping, can be used in refrigerators, microwave ovens and ovens.

Can be used as a storage container to hold fruit and vegetables or any ingredients, can also be used to cook a variety of food market, very simple and practical, simple to use,Silicone Kitchenware  beautiful and generous, family life good assistant.

Silicone cooker shovel non - stick pan shovel Chinese pot spatula high temperature health spatula

Environmental protection, the use of the second element of the earth silicon material, silicon and sand, quartz composition of the same, belonging to the natural material does not contain toxic substances, heavy metals and carcinogens, water, oil, heat, easy to clean, The pot surface of the soup a scraping and net.

Want to make the kitchen full of warm atmosphere,Silicone Kitchenware  so that picnic and scenery affordable, or want to make family life is full of fun? May wish to change a tableware, add some colorful colors it These kitchen utensils the table as the best display platform, just highlight the concept of home, but also with a more distinctive color to show the natural, environmentally friendly, healthy, colorful - fresh fruits and vegetables and vegetables together to convey the A Humanistic Idea of Harmonious Coexistence between Man and Nature. See these products, the first time will be attracted by these colorful silicone material, which is a creative green silicone - modern life appliances must be safe, silica gel in life is not very strange, most of the baby pacifier Are made of silicone. Silicone is a highly active adsorbent material, the main ingredient is silica, non-toxic, tasteless, flexibility is also very good, many years ago to become "baby pacifier" the best material, while insoluble in water and any other solvent, Chemical stability, in addition to strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid does not react with any material, these features make it a modern life supplies completely environmentally friendly preferred material.

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