Silicone Kitchenware High Security

- May 19, 2017-

As the safety of silica gel is high, more and more kitchen furniture supplies silicone, they are not only colorful, but also environmentally friendly and safe. The first phase of the 110th Canton Fair, Ningbo enterprises show their silicone kitchenware products: folding cups, can firmly suck the table bowl, cartoon lunch boxes, as well as screw nail stopper, , Insulated gloves,Silicone Kitchenware infants and young mouth pocket ... ... they are all made of silicone.

   Insiders said that silicone kitchen utensils as a new type of kitchen utensils, with a soft, non-damage non-stick coating, and other advantages, and beautiful style fashion, easy to carry. Compared with the plastic tableware is not heat, silicone kitchen can withstand 200 ℃ high temperature and can maintain the original form. At present, the silicone kitchen has been Europe and the United States and other developed countries,Silicone Kitchenware consumers welcome, with broad market prospects.

    Experts predict that silicone supplies are the future use of kitchen household appliances trends, which will occupy a large share of the market. However, in the Canton Fair site,Silicone Kitchenware there is a buyer also expressed his concern, he said that once the market bigger, it will inevitably be quite a mixed situation, which is a lot of vendors and the public are concerned about.

    How can we ensure the safety of raw materials in the market? South China University of Technology School of Materials Science and Engineering has studied the polymer materials experts said, should be the silicone kitchen utensils source of raw materials,Silicone Kitchenware composition and process characteristics and key links and other strict control. Such as the current export of Japan's silicone kitchen utensils are strict sampling test, which has heavy metals, free phenol, free formaldehyde, etc.,Silicone Kitchenware including more than 10 safety and health indicators. "Must pay attention to raw and auxiliary materials procurement and use,Silicone Kitchenware new product design and testing, production process control, export product verification testing and quality and safety and other links in order to ensure the safety of silicone tableware quality to meet the relevant requirements to promote the entire industry to achieve healthy, development of." 

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