Silicone Glove Has Excellent Peel Strength, Wear Resistance

- Jun 27, 2017-

Silicone Glove is suitable for hand-screen silk screen, turntable silk screen and ribbon machine printing, is a screen printing, can be firmly attached to the surface of the special silicone textile. The printed product is not delaminated. Can be color, broke the silicone printing a single color, color monotonous, rarely used in the field of fashion bottlenecks, to the garment industry to provide a very promising decorative materials. Silk screen after the pattern has a strong three-dimensional, and feel soft. Silkscreen pattern with excellent peel strength, wear resistance, brightness, wash fastness. And gloves silicone printing is on the glove on the silicone printing process, it is how to operate it? Here to follow Xiaobian to understand it

Material: a primer for the nylon backing water. Brightener, color cream, white.

  1. Bottom water for the two components, the ratio of 1: 1 deployment, direct printing, and then 150 degrees drying

  2. Silicone and curing agent deployment ratio of 10: 1, adjusted after the printing process,Silicone Glove the silica gel will be 407 due to evaporation and thickening, should always pay attention to add diluted water (407). Operation time is 60 minutes, please pay attention to the need for plastic.

  3. Color cream: printing the last 3 times when adding color paste, add the recommended ratio of 5% -10%, while adding color paste weight 10% curing agent.

  4. Light agent: a separate tone, the proportion of light agent added curing agent 10: 1, adding the recommended ratio of silicone 10% -50% common effect: in the unused color with a color paste by adding 10% -50% has been Add a curing agent of the light agent, mix well high-grade effect: a separate tone transparent silicone, adding a good proportion of bright oil,Silicone Glove cover transparent surface. Excellent effect. (Note: proofing, there will be bubbles left after printing, you need to open the top of the fan on the table,Silicone Glove the bubble blown away, and then do not immediately with a gun or dryer baking, give a little time (3-5 minutes) Silicone natural leveling and then bake, otherwise the bubble dry inside the effect.)

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