Silicone Glove Better Protect The Hand

- May 19, 2017-

As the saying goes, good work, we must first of its profits. Especially for the baking of this success or failure often depends on the details of the cooking method, the high quality, easy to use baking tools in the baking process absolutely plays an important role. With the baking trend of the prevalence of dazzling array of colored tools are also dazzling, how to choose from the most worthy of those you have!

Needless to say, the oven is the first essential tool for baking. There are many ovens on the market today, ranging from high to low, you can have a lot of options. Some of the rookie enthusiasts may take into account their frequency of use, first select some of the relatively low price of the oven entry, but if you really like baking, willing to put them, we suggest you from the following aspects:

First, the larger capacity

At present the common oven capacity ranging from 20-36L. It is recommended to choose more than 30L large capacity of the oven, so that when baking, because the space is sufficient, so the food will heat more evenly. And when doing baking, some food needs to immediately into the oven, large-capacity oven will also need to bake the situation in batches.

Second, up and down the fire independent temperature control

Choose to have a fire and fire under the dual-tube oven, and up and down the fire can be independent temperature control. A lot of food in the baking will need up and down different temperatures, choose this oven can first make you more accurate baking, improve the success rate. And secondly, will give you the opportunity to try more delicious recipes.

Third, the digital temperature and time

Oven temperature and time control are twisted and digital display. Due to baking sometimes the temperature required will appear a single digit, such as 108 ℃, and baking for the temperature requirements are very strict. Compared to twist the pointer, the number is easier for you to precisely control the temperature and also avoid errors such as torsional strain.

Silicone Glove

The main purpose of Silicone Glove is to prevent burns. So pick the angle of course, which is better able to protect yourself.

Silicone Glove have different lengths, according to their own oven to choose. Material on the cloth and silicone points, it is recommended to choose silicone Silicone Glove, not easy to be baked, but must choose a good quality silicone.

Electric stirrer

Baking often need to beat eggs, or stir the ingredients, the performance of a good stirrer is essential. There are also cheap mixers in the market, but it is recommended to pay attention to the power and quality of the product, because in many cases it takes a long time to stir, the poor quality of the blender can not support too long, easy to damage.

Do baking on the ingredients of the ingredients requirements are very accurate, so be sure to have a precision electronic scales. It is recommended to choose clearly marked to be accurate to 0.1 grams of electronic scales.

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