Silicone Cup Bring Aesthetics At The Same Time, Add A Security

- Jun 16, 2017-

Silicone Cup Most people on the silicone kitchenware should still be very strange, some people even think that silicone is breast augmentation plastic industry materials, how can and kitchen appliances can be linked, small excellent have to tell you, wrong! Silicone for kitchen utensils production, is a proof of our quality of life to prove. Let the small excellent for everyone to introduce it!

What is silicone kitchenware?

Silicone Cup Silicone kitchenware is made of silicone grade food, FDA, LFGB as the standard special silica gel as raw material, through the molding or encapsulation with the manufacture of kitchen utensils, with its unique environmental protection, chemical stability, high temperature, soft , Anti-fouling, dirt, non-stick and other superior performance, in many materials come out of the kitchen, by everyone welcome.

The advantages of silicone products

1, silicone kitchen heat-resistant cold performance is very strong, the minimum can withstand minus 40 ℃ temperature, the maximum temperature of 250 ℃ or so. Microwave and oven can also be used.

2, silicone products with water rinse can be restored after cleaning, can also be used dishwasher cleaning, cleaning is very convenient.

3, the chemical properties of silica gel material is very stable, do not worry about whether there is toxic substances precipitation, compared with other materials have a longer life.

4, due to the softness of silicone materials, silicone kitchen has a very comfortable touch, very flexible, not deformed.

5, silicone kitchen can be deployed according to the needs of different beautiful colors, and will not fade yellow, the shape is more beautiful than some.

6, the production of silicone materials do not produce any toxic and hazardous substances, and can be degraded, very environmentally friendly.

7, although the material is soft, but the silicone kitchen utensils wear-resistant anti-skid performance is very strong, not easily damaged.

Silicone Paper Paper Contrast with Similar Plastic Products

The use and maintenance of silicone tools

1, each time the use of silicone equipment must first confirm the clean and dry silicone equipment.

2, the need to put the silicone mold into the oven baking, such as silicone cups to ensure that the mold of each small grid are loaded with things, the material put all the plaid, you can install the water in the grid, can not let the mold did not install The material of the lattice dry roasted,Silicone Cup this will reduce the life of silicone mold.

3, silicone utensils are generally anti-sticky, if you encounter no anti-sticky appliances, you can bake in the silicone mold before brushing a layer of thin oil.

4, silicone utensils can only be used in the oven, oven or microwave oven, remember not directly contact with fire or electricity.

5, the first use of silicone utensils and after each use, the application of hot water (diluted edible detergent) cleaning, can not use corrosive substances to clean the silicone tools.

6, baked well, the silicone utensils and finished with the product out, put aside to cool.

7, can not use sharp appliances touch silicone tools, can not use heavy pressure and vigorously pull the utensils.

8, silicone tools easier to vacuum, so do not use silicone equipment,Silicone Cup the best into a cool clean cabinet or box.

Buy silicone kitchenware need to pay attention

Silicone kitchen utensils as a home cooking class of living utensils, its safety is very important, we must pay attention to the following points when buying.

1, looking for regular manufacturers to buy, the need for a product of food-grade environmental certification test report, or raw materials FDA, LFGB certification test report.

Silicone itself is non-toxic, but industrial silica gel and food grade and medical grade silica compared to the possibility of incorporating some of the added ingredients,Silicone Cup it should be purchased formal factory made of food grade silicone products.

2, in the purchase of the time we should choose for their own use of kitchen utensils, to correctly distinguish the use of a single kitchen.

3, before buying, we can use the nose to sniff a smell of the product, qualified silicone kitchen in the case of heat should not have any smell.

4, the silicone kitchen can be wiped on white paper, the normal silicone kitchen utensils will not have any fade phenomenon.

After the introduction of the above,Silicone Cup we have a certain understanding of the silicone kitchen! If the home is still using plastic appliances, may wish to try silicone kitchenware, in bringing you beautiful at the same time, more you add a safe Oh!

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