Silicone Cake Mould Make Sure That Every Cake Mold Produced Is Safe And Non-toxic

- Sep 27, 2017-

The development of silicone industry, silicone products in the kitchen is also widely used, such as silicone cake mold, silicone cake mold is made of food grade silicone raw materials made of a high temperature baking silicone mold, silicone products are silicone products One that can be used to make cakes, pizza, bread, mousse, jelly, conditioning food, chocolate, pudding, fruit pie and so on.

However, the use of silicone cake mold in the process, due to the silicone cake mold may not be familiar with some problems, the following author for some common problems analysis and answers.

1. Clean the baking pan, do not use abrasive soap and scrubbing items. This will cause damage to the silicone cake mold. During the cleaning process, it is safe to soak in soapy warm water or use a dishwasher.

2. Microwave oven can be used directly to the baking tray directly on the middle of your microwave oven or turntable.

3. The cooling time is very short after the baking tray is removed from the oven.

4. Baking pan deformation problem, because it is a kind of silicone products, can quickly change back to the original shape after bending.

5. Refrigeration Cooking, Silicone Baking Mold is very good for cooking, like jelly, ice cream and frozen sweets.

6. Use in the oven, put the pan on the baking tray so that it is easy to place and move from the oven. Make sure to evenly wipe the baking time on the baking pan A little shorter than the metal baking pan has been in accordance with the cooking instructions on the chassis to explain the baking pan removed from the oven after allowing the baked goods to be completely cooled before removing the mold The The baking pan takes about two minutes to cool before touching. Remove the cake or muffins from the baking tray and turn it back, concentrate on pressing the chassis

We often see a wide variety of fine cake, for example, this speed sports car, everyone in the shock, always ask: how can we do it        

Yes, be sure to use mold

Silicone mold is the most popular mold material in recent years, in the market a few dollars, tens of dollars, several hundred dollars have, then how to choose a good mold products?

First, the safety of the mold. When buying mold, we must see whether the mold through the toxic test? Is it a high quality food grade silicone material? Is it certified by international European standard? Be sure to ensure safe and non-toxic.

Second, you can identify the shape and smell. From the appearance point of view, the higher the transparency of the higher level of food, food-grade silicone surface smooth powder-free grain, not easy to deformation,Silicone Cake Mould  discoloration and Alice.

Industrial silica gel is the easiest way to identify the pungent smell of gasoline; food grade silicone without any smell.

Again, can be high and low temperature test. High temperature heating, the standard low mold will release harmful substances or odor, leading to poisoning or carcinogenic; and good mold thermal conductivity and good resistance to high and low temperature.

Finally, we should also focus on mold follow-up service is in place. Whether to provide recipes, tutorials and other follow-up services? To ensure that the purchase of molds at the same time to produce a more beautiful cake.

Over the past few years,Silicone Cake Mould  even if Moff insisted on the use of food grade silicone, will also require toxic testing process to ensure that the production of each cake mold safe non-toxic.

Whether from the mold of the frozen effect, ease of use, or from the cake formula, taste, natural ingredients, have carried ut the test, application and technology upgrades.

 In order to ensure that every purchase of mold customers in the shortest possible time to produce a standardized product, Muff not only provide formula, video teaching,Silicone Cake Mould  telephone technical support and other intimate services, but also presented a high-definition printing products larger picture, to facilitate customer marketing.

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