Silicone Baby Utensil With High And Low Temperature Resistance, Good Moisture Resistance

- Jul 17, 2017-

Silicone Baby Utensil As a kind of application in the pacifier, bottle, cup, brushing, and even spoons and other products on the new material, its wide range of applications and businesses keen advertised gimmicks, food-grade silicone this seemingly strange name, Infant products appear frequently, we began to gradually pay attention to it.

The market is very varied baby products is too much, when buying, to attract the eye of the slogan is even more hesitant. In fact, no matter what to buy, the baby breastfeeding and milk powder,Silicone Baby Utensil the bottle is essential, the composition is the product is suitable for children's key.

One, silicone pacifier

Determined parents will often pacifier disinfection, easy to clean the pacifier is undoubtedly the favorite mother group. The use of silicone rubber material made of baby pacifier surface smooth, easy to clean, high temperature disinfection without damage, durable but flexible. Especially for the baby to use after 6 months,Silicone Baby Utensil this time the baby to start the teeth, because the rubber pacifier is too soft, no bite of the mouth, and easy to bite, accidentally, the baby will bite themselves. For the baby's health and development, when the baby after six months, be sure to use silicone rubber made of baby pacifier Oh!

Second, silicone bottles

Bottle material more, glass bottle has always been the first choice for the mother group. Can grow up with the baby, will like to hold their own milk bottle. At this time, the heavier glass bottle will give your baby a sense of weight. So, replace the plastic bottle on it? Can be the quality of plastic bottles uneven, some plastic bottles are hot water a hot taste, affect the taste, how do?

Silicone rubber products, the material bottle just to solve this problem, it not only has other materials, the performance of all the bottles, but also has excellent special performance. Silicone bottles have good flexibility, silicone elasticity is different from the rubber, not the kind of hard state of flexibility,Silicone Baby Utensil the flexibility of silicone is soft, delicate. When the bottle filled with hot water inside, the touch will be like the body's skin. Research shows that the touch of the bottle is related to the baby's mood. do you know? Good touch will help the baby emotional stability, but also contribute to the development of baby EQ.

In addition, the silicone bottle also has a high and low temperature resistance, good moisture resistance, at room temperature 25 ℃ sealed environment, it will not be damp. Silicone bottle because of its harmless to the human body, can be used repeatedly, do not need to change the bottle,Silicone Baby Utensil regular pacifier can be used for a long time friends. Such as baby's silicone toothbrush, baby molars, toys, tableware, towels, cups, kitchen utensils, cake molds, brushes and so on, pay attention to the baby to buy food-related products (except toothbrush) , Have to check whether there is a QS logo on the packaging Oh.

With the silicone is more and more accepted, food-grade silicone material to replace conventional materials has become a trend of future development and design of daily necessities, silica gel applications are more and more people's demand for silicone raw materials is also growing, The advantages of silicone gradually been found, instead of our daily life in many other material applications. Silicone, silicone rubber raw materials of the magic is changing our lives, from the silicone, silicone rubber raw materials, liquid silicone raw materials, product classification, application characteristics and precautions, there will be their own different, liquid silicone materials, liquid silicone rubber Product raw materials application technology and the main application of the use of well known, we can have more to find, research and exploration.

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