Production Process Of Silicone Products

- Apr 15, 2020-

Silicone products need to go through many processes to completed itself. Cutting material-hot press forming-overhaul-demolition-QC-packaging etc...

There are explanations of above process:

1.Cutting material: cut the raw material of the finished silicone product into the size of the silicone product length * width * thickness 2. put the cut raw material on the waking rack for a period of time, the general raw material is generally allowed to stand for about 8 hours ( The front and back of the raw materials are protected by PE film to ensure the cleanliness of the raw materials). 

2.Hot press forming: After the time of waking up, the cut rubber is placed in the mold of the hot press vulcanizer to heat, vent, hold and form. 

3.overhaul: product repair after the finished product, whether there is dirt, whether there is missing side, lack of material product is not cooked, product rupture and other adverse conditions, the defective products are selected for placement (defective products can only be treated as waste , can not be used for secondary use) to send qualified products to the next process 

4.demolition: clean the edge of the qualified product 

5.after treatment: If the product needs post-processing, such as: surface injection, printing, engraving, etc. The product will be processed accordingly. 

6.QC: Check for the details of the product,confirm the product could reach the standard of customers.

7.packaging: the good products according to customer requirements for packaging, shipping! OVER!The above is the entire production process of silicone products!


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