How To Use Garlic Peeler

- Dec 03, 2019-

How to use a silicone garlic peeler

1. Separate your Garlic - Grab a bulb of garlic and separate it into cloves. It is important that you use garlic that has been stored dry. Garlic from the fridge has slightly damp skin and is difficult to remove even with a good quality garlic peeler.


2.Insert the cloves - Place the garlic cloves inside the garlic peeler sleeve. If your cloves of garlic are really big you may only fit one or two in at a time. If the garlic cloves are small you may get away with peeling three or four cloves at once. If you plan to peel multiple cloves at once then make sure they are similar in size for best results.


3.Roll it! - Place the garlic peeler down on a flat surface and roll the garlic peeler back and forth, applying light pressure with your palm. Light pressure is a must, you don’t want to bruise the garlic. About 10-20 back and forth motions should do it. You will hear a crunching sound as the papery skin falls off the garlic clove.


4.Tilt it! – If you tilt the garlic peeler your skinless garlic cloves should slide right out of the silicone tube. Occasionally a clove may come out with the skin still attached but this should come off with the lightest of touches.


5.Clean it - If you look inside your garlic peeler you will see the skin left behind. Shake the skin out over your trash can before peeling your next batch of garlic.


It is important to note that care must be taken when rolling. Too much pressure and the garlic cloves skin will bruise or burst, releasing garlic juice all over the inside of the roller. If this happens the skin will stick to the inside of the silicone tube and need to be rinsed out and left to dry. A wet silicone peeler doesn't work well at removing garlic skin.


It is also worth mentioning that those impossibly small garlic cloves, the kind that is almost too small to use, are difficult to peel even with a top-performing garlic peeler.


Now that you know how to use a garlic peeler it's time to take a closer look at the garlic peeler that edged out the competition both in performance and design.

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