How To Protect The Glass Bottle With Silicone Sleeves

- Jun 20, 2020-

High Quality Silicone Sleeves provide flexible protection, insulation and better grip for your glass water bottles for easy transporting. No more worries about your glass bottles breaking.

Perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle, these attractive, colorful sleeves help you carry your beverages with ease. Ideal for the person who loves to drink in glass bottles, but wants them to be protected and in style. Throw your bottle in your backpack, purse, lunchbox or briefcase. Take it to the gym and make hydrating while traveling easy.


We all know drinking from plastic bottles isn’t great for the environment and not so fresh tasting and can leach chemicals. If you crave delicious fruit & vegetable juices but fear breaking glass bottles, the TF silicone sleeve has you covered by making your bottles breakage free. By using these reusable sleeves with your glass bottles, you can feel great about not contributing to the landfills.

✔ TAKE IT TO-GO: Excellent for on-the-go use where you need protection for your bottle. Use it everyday for the gym, work, travel & school.

✔ DRINK & MEAL PREP ORGANIZATION: Like to meal prep each week? Make your infused water, juice, tea, cold brew coffee, kombucha or smoothies ahead of time and use the colors for easy identification.


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