Benefits Of Silicone Ashtrays

- Oct 30, 2019-

  Silicone Ashtray. The silicone ashtray is virtually an indestructible ashtray and made with hard silicone. These types of ashtrays typically have slots and holes on the side walls that allow you to hold things like your cigarette, dab tool or even a lighter. Some silicone ashtrays can even hold your rolling paper or your loose tobacco and herbs.


Benefits of Ashtrays

Since ashtrays are tools for smokers, they do offer so many great benefits for smokers including:

A place to hold your cigarette, cigar or smoking clip

A great place for butts and ashes

Ashtrays are easy to clean

Keeps people from littering in your yard

Gives you a nice defined area to smoke at

Silicone ashtrays offer nifty places to hold things/pretty cool dab trays

They are more environmental friendly

Some ashtrays become decorative pieces in your home

Can be moved to high places, out of reach of children

They are often times portable and some can be taken with you on the go.

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