A New Sales Team

- Apr 17, 2019-

In order to expand the company's scale and open up more business, our company is going to add a new business team this year. It’s  a chance to get together. Today, our new team is formally established. On this sunny day, three new colleagues came to the factory to visit, and boss Lu and we greeted them first . Then we took them to visit the factory and briefly introduced the company  basic situation to them , including the main products, production processes, company status and production operations, boss Lu also gave a detailed training to us, including material conditions, mold development, product knowledge and business quotation, etc. Everyone has a better understanding of the silicone industry. After the meeting,we took a photo together to memory this day.

Welcome them to join our energetic and harmonious family. Their arrival inject new blood and add new hope into Tufeng Rubber Co., Ltd.,  and finally,let us Looking forward to the future to witness their growth, I wish our team have a thriving future.


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