A Brief Introduction About The Baking Tray

- Dec 03, 2016-

Pan, as the name implies, is through the fire craft painting on porcelain, China's baking my lover of art history, beautiful, famous in the world. Pan art after one thousand years of development, those who use the art of burn out, passed from generation to generation, enduring, pan art become a well-deserved quintessence. But traditional pan cost is high, the technological process is complex, the bottom of the firing rate such as faults, restricted the development of it, can't satisfy the personalized market demand in modern society.

Pan sole stunts, just a computer, a Taiwan independence home equipment. Move your fingers, point the mouse, can be in ordinary porcelain plate, plate, cup on imaging, image is clear, bright colors and never fade, finished product noble, elegant, solemn, become fashion consumer heart to love. At the same time, the Hong Kong sole technology to solve the deficiency of the traditional baking tray, with low cost, high yield, knife not to drop, corrosion resistance, uv resistance, purify air, etc. Are inferior to the many advantages of traditional craft. To every wonderful moment in our life made into eternal memory, cherish forever.

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