12 Tips For Mastering Baking With Silicone Molds

- May 08, 2019-

12 Tips for Mastering Baking With Silicone Molds

Using silicone molds have many tips,there are 12 tips for mastering baking and make it more durable:

  • Smaller is better.

  • Novel doesn't mean practical.

  • Build a diverse collection.

  • Definitely grease larger pans.

  • Grease for easier clean up.

  • Soaking makes for easy clean up.

  • Wonderful for savory and sweet items.

  • These molds double as reusable serving containers.

  • Save space and pare down your kitchen collection.

  • Stick to metal for big confections like cakes.

  • Be mindful of temperature ratings.

  • Do the pinch test to make sure it's pure silicone.

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