The types of speaker

- Dec 03, 2016-

Many different kinds of speaker, according to the can in principle can be divided into dynamic (i.e. moving coil), electrostatic (capacitive), electromagnetic (i.e., reed type), piezoelectric (crystal type) to wait for a few kinds, after more than two used in rural cable broadcasting network; According to the frequency range can be divided into low-frequency loudspeaker, intermediate frequency speaker and tweeter, these are often used as a combination of the speaker in the box.

Can according to the change mechanism and structure points moving coil (electric), capacitance (electrostatic), piezoelectric crystal or ceramic, magnetic reed (pressure), electric ion type and pneumatic loudspeaker, etc., electricity-powered loudspeaker with acoustic performance is good, firm structure, and low cost, wide application;

According to the acoustic radiation material number paper tub, drum, diaphragm; According to the paper cone shape circle, elliptic, double paper cone and fold rubber ring; According to the working frequency bass, alto, soprano, sometimes into a tape recorder, TV special, common and high-fidelity speakers, etc.; According to the voice coil impedance low impedance and high impedance; According to the effect of straight radial and sound environment, etc.

Speakers are divided into built-in speakers and external speakers, and outside speakers, known as referred to in general the speakers. Built-in speakers is refers to the MP4 player has a built-in speaker, so that users can not only through the headphone jack can also through the built-in speakers to listen to the voice of the MP4 player. Has a built-in speakers MP4 player, can need not external speakers, also can avoid the long time matching ear ?

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