The main characteristic of hand grenades

- Dec 03, 2016-

1. Small volume, small quality. Grenades volume and quality directly affects the soldiers load size, affects the soldiers of the tactical actions and close combat when the combat effect. Therefore, commonly used defense grenade bombs diameter around 50 mm, full play is 100 mm long, full play quality for 300 ~ 600 g, there is only 120 g.

2. Simple structure, low cost. With grenades and consumption of large amount of equipment, on the premise of guarantee the use of safe and reliable, therefore, the general structure is very simple, only two parts of the projectile and fuze, the projectile with cast iron or stalloy, iron or plastic, low cost.

3. Easy to operate, easy to use. Grenade is the most convenient operation of all the weapons and ammunition, it does not need any throwing device, also do not need any complicated operation

4 kinds of complete, widely used. Hand grenades, according to their needs, as long as the change of warhead structure and charge, can change into a new play. Because of grenades kind of many, therefore using range is very wide, in addition to the battlefield use, riot, fire, insecticidal civil grenade applications are also common.

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