Description of silicone rubber

- Dec 03, 2016-

Silicone rubber is refers to the main chain consists of silicon and oxygen atoms alternate, usually on the silicon atoms of organic groups have two rubber. Ordinary silicone rubber is mainly composed of silica containing methyl and small amounts of vinyl link. The introduction of phenyl silicone rubber can be improved the resistance to high and low temperature performance, three the introduction of fluorine propyl and cyano can improve the heat resistance and oil resistance properties of silicone rubber. Silicone rubber good low temperature resistance, generally can still work under 55 ℃. After the introduction of phenyl, can reach to 73 ℃. Heat resistant properties of the silicone rubber is very outstanding, also can long-term work under 180 ℃, slightly higher than 200 ℃ can take several weeks or longer still resilient, instantaneous can resistance to high temperature above 300 ℃. The permeability of silicone rubber is good, oxygen transmittance is among the highest in the synthesis of polymer. 

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